FIFA world cup football 2022 | How much money will the champion team get if they win the world cup?

Hope all friends are well.  Today I will discuss some important topics of World Cup football. As World Cup football is about to start, there are some things you must know about it. If you read my post carefully, you will get a complete idea about it.

FIFA world cup football 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022

The most prestigious football tournament is the World Cup.  After much anticipation, the opening match of the World Cup football is going to start from November 20.  It cannot be overstated how much of a joy it is for all football lovers.

All footballers in the world have a dream to become champions and hold the trophy high.  That trophy is a matter of luck.  Only the lucky ones can touch this trophy and feel blessed. Not all footballers are so lucky.

After giving the trophy to Brazil in 1970, Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga took the initiative to create a new trophy and this trophy created by him was named FIFA World Cup Trophy.

The height of the trophy made of pure gold is 36.5 cm.  Where 18 carat pure gold is used two layers of precious malachite.  Below the trophy is written the name and year of all the World Cup winning countries from 1974 till now.

How much money will the champion team get if they win the World Cup?

The champion team will receive a trophy weighing 6 kg made of 18 carat pure gold and worth 42 million US dollars and 361 crore in Bangladeshi taka.

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