Degree English Grammar | Change Of Degree

Today I will discuss the degrees. Please read the post carefully.


Degree English Grammar


There are 3 types of degree.
Such as :- 1. Positive Degree
                   2. Comparative Degree
                   3. Superlative Degree


Positive - comparative - Superlative

No other - than all other/   -  The+
                   than any other     adjective

Very few - than most other/ -  One of
                  than many other      the

* Very few, than most other/than many other, one of the, after that Noun and Verb both will be plural.

No other + Singular

Nuzrul is one of the greatest poet in Bangali literature.

      (No other)
Positive to comparative:
Positive: No other fruit is as sweet as mango.
comparative: Mango is sweeter than any other fruit.

Positive to comparative:
Positive : No other boy in the class is as tall as Tanvir.
comparative: Tanvir is taller than any other boy in the class.

    (Very few)
Positive to comparative:

Positive: Very few animals in our country are as useful as cow.

comparative: Cow is more useful  than most other animals in our country.


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